Flex combobox dataprovider not updating

When working with the Combo Box component, I have found that I pretty much always want to bind a value to the Combo Box so that it automatically selects a corresponding record in the data Provider.

The most straight forward example of this is with a Combo Box on an address form to select a state.

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He also wants to allow write-in answers which is why he uses a Combo Box instead of a Drop Down List.It was built using Adobe Flex Builder 3 (build Accessibility is judged based on whether the control can be successfully operated using standard commands and/or instructions provided.Note that while Window-Eyes 7.1 reads most of the sample in Browse Mode, it does Identified as a Combo Box, but Up/Down Arrow do not work to change selection unless opened; No indication given when calendar is opened or closed; Inadequate instruction given for navigating calendar, changing months, etc. No indication that there are multiple columns or that Right/Left Arrow can be used to move between columns in single Cell selection Mode.The Combo Box component is similar to a Drop Down List but has a Text Input instead of a Label.A user can type into the Text Input and the drop Down will scroll to and highlight the closest match.UPDATE: Turns out for this to work properly you will have to call the function from the change event.


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