Who is the rockstar liz jones is dating

She was obviously VERY young, but of course so was Robert back then........is what my first comment refers to. glazed eyed and willing to do anything with almost any band.

How romantic it would have been if she'd hooked up with a burly farmer or blacksmith, but a rural Bridget Jones she proved not to be." I am a living breathing example.....NEVER breathed a word for self promotiion and never will" . I met her for a drink at a local club, she had a son and was working in the beauty biz.In the 70's she hung out with a guy named Alice with long blonde hair and his g/f and another girl short with black hair.It helps that, like most shows that air on that night, Rudd himself is smart, amusing, and totally beloved.(Yes, his box-office appeal isn't quite commensurate with how much we all adore him, but that's another thing he has in common with the indifferently rated Thursday night shows that NBC now programs.) It also helps that he's a Thursday night veteran himself: In addition to his Parks and Rec arc, he finished out the last two seasons of Friends as Mike, the eventual husband to Lisa Kudrow's Phoebe. The clues are there - ‘uber-famous wife’ being the biggest.


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