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Two of my besties are advanceshippers, but I don't mind! Also, if you ever have someone or a panda stuck in jail, I am happy to help break into that jail and help you, your friend or your panda. Tenten's new relationship brings a whole new meaning to complete and utter servitude.

By the way, Cortex is the most amazeballz forum ever. Just because I'm not too keen on those shippings, doesn't mean I won't like you! Don't trust their allies, the [BEEP, [BEEP, [BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP]. And if I catch you working with the enemy, I will kill you the same way that I killed oxygen. Anyways, all seriousness aside, if you ever need someone to protect you from danger, please come to me or my fellow Chocolate sistah, Boosteh. Accepting the shady job offer wasn't really one of her best choices…but discovering she threw up on her future boss was even worse.

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Sister, you have to go to EVERY show, you even have to go to practice!

If you would like to give me ideas on my stories, or any feedback, or you're curious about something or you simply want to chat...

XD It's all based on opinion, so I can't hate you for something you like!

Throw in another boy and an old enemy and both their lives are in danger.

Knowing the consequences of revealing the truth, the girls must learn to mask their powers; which become unstable depending on their moods. When he is kidnapped, it looks like the roles have been, well, reversed.


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