Fishnet dating

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Somehow, we have entered a point in time where fishnet stockings are extremely trendy.

They’re being worn under jeans, peaking out through ripped knees, or showing off someone’s waist under a crop top.

My mother won custody, but his family was very adamant about visitation.

My father died when I was 2, which lead to a nasty custody battle between my mother and his family.

Fishnet socks look really cute with sneakers – it’s kind of like 2017’s version of grunge mixed with athleisure – but they also look great with heels, Oxford shoes, and ankle boots.

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Then around midday my aunt Yasmine would pick me up and I would spend the rest of the day with her, my other aunt, my cousin Kiara, my grandfather, great-grannie and any other family member that happened to be hanging around the house.

My father’s family was close-knit and had serious co-dependency issues.

None of them could ever seem to leave the family home and get their own place. The house always had a sad air that didn’t make it the best place to play, but they tried to make up for it by buying me things.

I was a chubby kid and my mother and grandmother were hard on me for it. The characters were awkward misfits that reminded me of myself. And Sponge Bob, a little awkward, happy dude who just so happens to be very talented at the grill.


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